e-Learning Case Study – BCS

The British Computer Society is one of the four United Kingdom examination boards that offers the Vocational Qualification for Information Technology, known as the ITQ. It is aimed at Information Technology users, and demonstrates staff competence in the use of IT in the workplace. It is offered at levels 1, 2 and 3. The fundamental difference with ITQ, unlike any other IT User qualification, is that it is highly customisable. The content of the qualification can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the workplace and employee, as well as the skills level of your chosen disciplines. In other words, the employer ends up having ‘created’ their own ITQ. We have worked closely with the BCS on a number of eLearning projects.

Firstly to provide an e-Portfolio supported by an email back engine. For example, candidates can submit their work to their assessors and validators on-line. Their work is stored in what could be considered a wallet (ePortfolio). Once approval has been given for each stage of the assessment process evidence can be locked, unlocked, reviewed, assessed and validated. Throughout the process auditing, information updates to the candidate and quality sampling techniques rely on an agreed workflow.

Recently a web-services link has been established between e-Skills. The link facilitates a pre-assessment to take place for learning pathways. Registrations are automatically driven into the e-Portfolio system at BCS.

Currently, Knowledge Hemispheres designed and hosted system support over 16,000 users.

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