e-Learning Case Study – ITQ

ITQ is the National Vocational Qualification for IT Users which demonstrates staff competence in the use of IT in the workplace. We delivered both the e-Learning content and all associated voice overs for a number of large educational establishments. In addition, we developed an assessment environment to complement their manual marking and moderation procedures.

In terms of advantages for the client the solution was fully integrated. i.e.: Using common registration systems, learners could register once with common identification/access to the college’s Blackboard Learning Management System, where the modules we developed resided. Integration continued with online assessment, content archiving and remote assessment synchronization.

All modules developed to date are both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant. Interestingly compatibility is facilitated by the BlackBoard Learning management system (LMS). Each module is imported into the associated LMS, where it is able to pass (parse) tracking data to the Blackboard gradebook. For example, instructors can allocate modules to delegates, candidate, students / course attendees and monitor tracking elements, for example:

  • Score,
  • Completion targets to set pass mark percentage,
  • Elapsed time and
  • Actual session time.

When the course participant has passed the set number of allocated modules, a flag is passed using webservices to another system that allows work to be submitted and marked.

We have delivered a full e-Portfolio system to The British Computer Society. This system is also integrated with e-Skills, i.e: At e-Skills an initial pre-assessment is performed.

Dependant on competency, a learning pathway is established to either greater foundation skill development or immediate practical submission of evidence and assessment.