New Media Case Study – MyClub 100

Fitness websites vary from being purely knowledge based to purely marketing orientated. Our client, Myclub100 asked us to develop a site that would be both visually stunning and easy to navigate. The aim of the site is to inform and inspire confidence for personal fitness.

Recently, we have worked closely with MyClub100 to release a series of Corporate podcasts entitled, ‘The Health and Wellness Podcast’. Episode 1 is the disclaimer for the series. Each episode considers feedback from listeners, nutrition and ‘fat burning’ tips!

Our approach to this project was as follows:

  • Analyse raw content
  • Consider the expansion capabilities (mapped to short and long-term business objectives).
  • Agreement of a formal specification, re: function, form and fun!
  • Trial with selective users
  • Sourcing relevant content and quality assuring copy-writing
  • Feedback forum with a pilot group
  • Site testing
  • Parallel training session to knowledge transfer content management disciplines – (inc an open source content management engine).
  • Go ‘live’
  • Project evaluation and close

Our structured approach ensured a step-by-step verification process for the client to achieve visuals and functionality in a timely and cost effective manner.