Top 20 Corporate Podcasting Tips

Here are 20 tips to help you develop a great Corporate Podcast:

  1. Ensure you are at least 2 episodes ahead of yourself – Therefore, when you plan to launch or relaunch you won’t disappoint
  2. Its easy to lose listeners / viewers – Therefore, stay close to release date as much as possible – There is a lot we can learn from traditional broadcast disciplines.
  3. Ensure that your podcast is accessible from more than one podcatching source, or offer a download link – giving freedom for more mp3 / mp4 devices
  4. Burn a feed if your show is not supported by a website or blog – Feedburner is great – This can certainly help track behaviour – If one day your podcast is very popular to the extent that you could monetize it, you will need vital stats
  5. Develop a media kit for the latter
  6. Respect copyright and ensure that you have the right license, for example: The Smooth Groovers Podcast pays for a license from the MCPS-PRS Alliance, adhering to their policies and royalties et a.
  7. Segments are helpful to structure your podcast and help it become more engaging.
  8. Use tools that work – Garage band on Apple is good. In addition, Goldwave and Audacity. Other multi-tracking software is available.
  9. Run your first productions by friends to capture vital feedback and development strategies
  10. Use a newsletter to keep pod-catchers aware of developments and access to exclusive / complementary content
  11. Establish an online forum to capture thoughts, feedback and improvement suggestions.
  12. If you have a website / blog, install Analytics to understand issues such as bounce rate and popular content (inc: top landing pages).
  13. Build a complementary website / blog / channels that is regularly updated. For example, link to your magazine to offer exclusive content, reuse your audio on different websites and ensure access to archives.
  14. Consider organic growth for your web presence, for example linking to complementary and relevant sites or content.
  15. Develop a consistent script- There are lots of on-line tools that you can use to help you develop a great structure to your episode
  16. Listen to lots of shows of different types – to get a feeling of the type of style that works well
  17. Read articles on podcast techniques for corporate and non-commercial casts
  18. Understand quality components, for example – Equipment and Software components
  19. Get Support from people in the know! For example: Knowledge Hemispheres Ltd and
  20. Most important of all have fun

You might be thinking that as we are a Corporate Podcasting company why on Earth are we giving away so many tips!
Good question. For those who are technically savvy and have the person-power we are confident you will get going.
The key areas to consider are:

  • Consistency
  • Clarity
  • Professionalism
  • Measurement and
  • Linking to your internal and external initiatives.

As a business we suggest that time is a cost, together with focusing on business opportunities.
Therefore, it probably makes sense to outsource this part of your communication strategy to someone like us: khlinteractive.
Our Corporate Podcasting FAQ section can help you to decide on the cost and business benefits of an outsourced approach.
Alternatively, record the content yourself and allow professionals to master it for you.

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