Web Video Production Tips

Lets  take a look at the components to make video a success for your business. In terms of basics your video should have:

  • A Beginning Middle and End – i.e: Structure & the meaning behind the message
  • Good scripting and an underlining appreciation of themes
    –  that complement the purpose of the video in the first place
  • Respect for copyright – associated with all types of content that will be incorporated
  • An inclusion of something to attract the viewer in the first 5-7sec
    – You get only one fast shot to make an impression!
    – The perceived value on first watch – The bounce factor! How long will people wait for it?
    – Verification of outcome – How are you going to translate the outcome or benefit of this
    – product for your customer
  • The emotional need of the customer – Or, even assumed generic state!
  • Timing – Is everything
  • Positioning – Using an appropriate location
  • Language – For example, tone & accessibility in a global situation.

These are just a few things to think about before you have to consider before making the video even if it as short as only 30 seconds long.
NB Traditional television commericals have lots of experience, for example, they can make advertising subtle or  subliminal in nature. There appears to be a science. Many believe that it is linked to the study of consumer behaviour.

So far we’ve been talking about formulation.
Another aspect of Video production, especially for the web is to consider an appropriate type.

Consider that there are 7 Types of Video content

  1. Procedural – eInduction and compliance
  2. Interactive – Video Tile – Face-to-face presenter
  3. Talking Heads – CEOs, Managers (Internal) or Client Testimonials (external)
  4. Scenario based – Very informative for clients
  5. Animation – Product Demonstrations or key concepts (similar to Procedural but marketing orientated)
  6. Simulations & Test based – e.g: For e-Learning Hotspot / Interaction
  7. Web-based advertisements – e.g: banners – NB If FLASH based, currently (March 2010) the Apple i-pad will be unable to view this.

Finally, positioning / movement and keeping the viewer engaged. Jigging is a term used to explain this.
Is it really necessary for constant movement of images, scenes or the person communicating!!
NB For talking heads framing is very important, together with considering if the final output once rendered will result in the entire video getting shrunk!

The answer is that it is all about appropriateness.
For long interviews it does help to pan, focus on for example the persons hands or even get closer!
For a 30 second web advert it depends on what is being communicated, from both a product or specific message. Videotile produce some great content, where the speakers statements are re-enforced with statements, images or an moving illustration/animation.
It really is about the meaning behind the message.

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