KHL Interactive Digital Brochure

As the world moves closer to e-publications or digital publication becoming a reality. We have also converted our brochures to an on-line digital version. There are a number of ways of doing this. Firstly, by using pdf to image conversion software and then using a plugin to display your now 3D version. It is just like flicking through a real book.

However, real solutions require:

  1. Accessibility options, for example: taking advantage of great tools such as Jaws and Browseloud.
  2. How will archiving and hosting be managed.
  3. Can features such as book-marking, navigation and note-taking be included?
  4. What about indexing on specific pages
  5. For internal communication can access be confined to internal viewers only?
  6. How can content be richer for example with audio or video ?

Digital publications can complement traditional print runs as they offer both opportunities or exclusive and interactive content.

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