Digital Publication Service

Today KHL Interactive, the trading name for Knowledge Hemispheres announced a new offering: Digital Publication services. Digital editions gives you the power to enhance your reading experience with rich media.  For example, video, audio, hyper-links, hotspots and advertisements. As the world becomes more social, your digital publications makes it easier for you to share content and join in with the latest happenings through on-line conversations.

Our value added services of Video and Audio Production combine to offer an enhanced level of new media services. Just imagine the possibilities of complementary and engaging experiences for readers of magazines, catalogues, on-line shopping, sponsorship, subscription and membership services.

Dr Savi S Arora, CEO KHL Interactive.

The following list is a summary of features available from our publishing services platform.

With our service you can:

  • Complement your existing publication with rich & exclusive interactive content
  • Drive more visitors to your website and enhance your brand
  • Read on-line or download for later viewing
  • Point your URL/Domain to publication to assure your branding is in tact
  • Gain Revenue opportunities with online advertisements
  • Improve communication with your readers
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Analysis online traffic and optionally collect email addresses from readers
  • Provide great cross-referencing, archiving and access to previous content
  • Full accessibility for differently-abled people
  • Make Notes, send email and bookmark as you read and browse
  • Incorporate great video and audio content – Entertain your readers !
  • Monetise your subscriptions

A digital edition can transform and complement your printed magazine into an interactive, multimedia platform and truly engaging experience.

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