ipad publishing service

KHLinteractive offer digital publication services for both the i-pad and i-phone.

How does it work?
Initially, you have to establish a branded application known as an ‘app’ for your title. For example, if you had a magazine called, ‘careers today’, this would be defined as the title and it would house all your publications and made available from the the Apple App store.

Readers with iphone or iPads are notified when each new publication is available – either to buy or for free, depending on the model you choose.

It is also possible to set-up the publication on a chargeable basis, for example to charge for single issues.

What are the typical features and benefits of offering a publication on the i-pad platform?
There are many opportunities to present your content in a more engaging / interactive manner, for example:

  • Branding – Apps can be branded to your requirement, including welcome page.
  • Razor sharp text at high zoom levels. with high quality graphics and photos.
  • Video are easily inserted and triggered from the page as well as media browser.
  • Live web and email links, and additional audio links can be inserted.
  • Different viewing options are also available, for example: single page, double page and text only.
  • Text view editing for easier reading of text heavy publications.
  • In addition, to the latter, cut and paste tools allow adding to notes and email.
  • Users can zoom in our out using either pinch gestures or double tap together with page turning using swipe movement or tap at the side of the page. Video Example
    The following Video guides you through a typical app together with navigation options offered through the ipad: 


    Further benefits and suggesting pricing is available from: http://www.khlinteractive.com/ipad-publishing-service/