Benefits of Digital Publications

If you have a brochure, catalogue or educational materials such as guidebooks for a course, digitizing your content opens up new channels for
communicating effectively, for example:

  • Instant viewing and browsing
  • Low production cost
  • Unlimited distribution – extended reach of your brand
  • No print or postage costs – Yes, a great green way of helping the environment
  • Quick, easy production
  • Track & analyse reader usage
  • Functionality of a website, i.e: easy of access.
  • In addition to the latter, content displayed at the touch of a button be translated into a text version, assuring accessibility. For example, to products such as Browsealoud and Jaws.

Who uses digital editions?.

  • Retail & Consumer – Shops and catalogue based vendore
  • E Commerce services – Getting customers closer to product views and purchase options
  • Mail Order examples
  • Business Training

If you are a business that regularly communicates through html newsletters, digital editions can help you provide further insight and views, for example: house listings and their respective internals – especially with the use of embedded view.

The key features of Digital publications are:

  • Indexed by Google – PDF cannot be indexed but your publication can
  • Opportunities to share your content through – Digg and Social Bookmarking sites
  • Page Turning – Read it just like a magazine
  • High Definition Images – Enjoy multiple views of products and include client video testimonial
  • Infinite Zoom – Get closer!
  • Zoom & Manoeuvre
  • Branded URLs and Start-up logos.
  • Flash Animation – Include different dimensions
  • Video Streaming – Either from YouTube or from your own server
  • Instant URL Weblinks – Include links within your publication
  • Live E-mail Links – Provide communication opportunities
  • Bookmarks – Save and read later
  • Post-it Notes – Write notes on route
  • Contents Page – Structure your content well
  • One Page View – Flexible views
  • Contextual Search
  • Send to a Friend – Communicate great content
  • Save Off-line Version
  • Save to CD & USB.
  • Subscribe
  • Data Capture Email
  • DRM password protection

In summary, Digital publications offer greater reach for your services and products, totally branded for your organisation.