iPad Business Applications

We wondered about how an i-pad could help a business. Here are some suggestions on how a business can gain a competitive advantage simply by using such devices to facilitate  the collecting of client information or simply demonstrating to a client core insight into a product or service.

  • An iPad is great for registering people at events, for example: a charity ride or conference.
  • Recently we recorded at the InfoSec2010 event in London. The crew saw lots of people with i-pads being used for ‘on-the-fly’ presentations.
  • In meetings, an i-Pad could be great for communicating diagrams, concepts or enlarging specific images – helping the creative process.
  • Obviously, it is better looking than a clip pad when collecting Market research data
  • The interactivity potential suggests a that really engaging questionnaires for product feedback can be presented
  • Together with qestionnaires, use an i-Pad sign-up people to subscription services through a simple touch-sensitive form could be appealing, especially if access to a portable application or on-line magazine could be demonstrated on the spot.
  • As the world becomes more social (on-line), companies with Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Ning, Myspace and shared bookmarking tools could be updated on the move with selective locally acquired content. See http://www.mobpresence.com – a mobile portal application.
  • Product demonstrations – showing multi-media views or insights of a product. For example, a company could develop a specific video tutorial or Motion Graphics film based promotion of a product.
  • On-line magazine (interactive, flip-book type with rich media instead of or blended with flat images and text). KHL Interactive offer online magazine conversions for existing PDFs. A proof-of-concept / trial can be set-up foc for upto 60 views.

In terms of Business use by industry example, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Healthcare – Great for medical practitioners accessing  schedules and for doctors reviewing x-ray type images.
  2. Insurance Agents – Useful for field based claims adjusters / loss adjusters.
  3. Legal Professionals – Lawyers could certainly do with reducing the amount of paper they use.
  4. Financial Professionals – Gaining access to financial portfolios, real-time quotes or financial data feeds together with analysis tools – making better investment decisions whilst on the move!
  5. Parking Attendants…

The latter, well that is a different story!

Coming back to an i-Pad being used a mobile portal for Social content. KHL Interactive have developed: Mobpresence.
Please see our demonstration App below: