Business Podcasting Best Practice

We believe that Podcasting is a great tool for business. Imagine meeting updates, project highlights and the sharing of best practice in say just a ten minute cast. Professionally produced podcasts can be great for a company brand especially when combined as part of a corporate blog or a business / strategic overview.  Remember, it is all about consistency.

Here are some essential Podcasting tips that you should know to have a finished podcast which stands apart from the crowd:

  1. Audio quality is important. Ensure  you use good equipment and avoid increasing the gain and recording volume on your recording device, for example, when recording with portable MP3 recorders.
  2. We always use Music breaks at the beginning and between segments
  3. Structure is important, for example, summarise the main headline/features at the beginning and then proceed to each part with a 10 second music break. Using background music or fading in and out music for segments can be a good way to provide a sense of structure and ambience. We suggest that you adhere to the MCPS-PRS licensing requirements or use royalty free music.
  4. Avoid using music with vocals as it can case the main presenters audio to be fused-out!
  5. Use professional mixing / sequencing software, for example, investing in Adobe Sound Booth or Garageband.
  6. Skype is a good way to record international or non-instudio sessions. However, sound quality cn be variable. Therefore, you will need to allocate time to edit the recording.
  7. It is likely that editing will be required for the refinement of the final cast. For example, we suggest that you can remove, interuptions, pauses and ums! Therefore, ensure that you consider sufficient timing and pace – the last thing you want is the listener to become frustrated with content that is too ‘tight’.
  8. Consider recording the main content and then passing it to an external organisation to edit and package (including the insertion of corporate adverts and information bullitens) the final cast.

In the past KHL Interactive have produced video and audio podcasts for theatres and Cinemas. These podcasts have provided a lot more information for a potential audience for example:

  • Adverts
  • Sponsors
  • Details of availability and
  • Exclusive interviews or insights.