Useful Tips for Corporate Video Ads

Compared to text or imagery, video commercial ads always attract Internet users. A compelling and humorous visual ad guarantees thousand views within minutes. The internet is a hub for on-line ads because promotion is very affordable than other media. There are several sites specifically designed to display video clips encompassing different genres and types, be it encyclopaedic, informative or plain promotional.

The advent of several online video sharing sites has made online advertising quite affordable. Advertisers can share their promotional videos without any financial hassles. Sharing online video clips has become a robust marketing tool among bigwigs as well as start-up enterprises. They use different visual strategies to promote their products and services. One of the best strategies is a funny video advert. Humorous videos always attract Netizens and combining a promotional gig with something humorous attracts wider attention of the audience.

Publishing funny commercial videos is an excellent option for start-up advertisers who are desperately in need of advertising their products. However, there are certain aspects that need to be followed before uploading any clip to video sharing websites. Here are few tips to follow before venturing into an online advertising campaign:

  1. Search for a reliable video sharing network that offers affordable or free uploads and has a good PR (Page Rank).
  2. Register with the site. This will enable you to access its services and upload your videos. Most sites have easy signup procedure that usually takes seconds to complete.
  3. Before uploading your videos, make sure you have developed them in the appropriate format. Almost all sites accept .FLV video formats, so creating your funny commercial clips in flash would be advisable. Furthermore, ensure to keep your videos short and entertaining. A short, funny and witty video attracts more views and therefore helps promotes your website.
  4. Another important aspect of online funny commercials is optimisation. You need to have general SEO skills to make sure users access your video via different search engines.

The best way is to add keywords, an attractive description and title pertaining to the subject of the commercial clip. All sites provide sections to type keywords, which help garner more views.