Can Video Blogging help a business?

Certainly, the proliferation of Youtube type clones has started. Some offer great additional features, for example – tagging at specific points. The list of sites below shows you how many different (think longtail!) types of specialisms or niches there are, for example:

  • Social Network for Collectible Game Players
  • African Friend, Pen pals & School Friends
  • Castings and Auditions
  • Social Network for Models and Actors
  • MC Hammer’s (Remember those trousers!) – Dance site
  • The place for the albanians to meet
  • Asian Space
  • Motorcycle Syndicate
  • Art Calendar Forums
  • Specialist music sites
  • Connect and share with football fans.
  • Medical Students Community
  • 24 Hour Streaming Hip Hop
  • Disabled World Community
  • Grandparents Network
  • Sports Community
  • RadioHead Space
  • Social Network Community for Radiohead Fans
  • Plastic surgery friends
  • Cancer sufferer support sites
  • Be my Own Publisher
  • A place for Writers and Readers
  • Zowned – Games Showcase
  • Animation Showcase

The value of these sites is that members can engage without the noise of everything else. They offer more than standard membership systems as they can incorporate mass mailing and the benefits of RSS. The central issue about the niches listed is the old adage from the Jerry Mcguire movie, i.e:Show me the money’, i.e: To run these sites can be costly in terms of set-up, stability, features, security and bandwidth charges. How can owners recoup their costs. There is also the question of how far can these sites be customised.

Returning to the theme of this article, can empowering employees with video sharing help a business? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Mash-up opportunities within a context of specialist department collaborating with other parts of a business – i.e: preparing an internal case-study or communicating ideas.
  2. Support for learners, for example: e-Learning and eInduction
  3. Introducing greater interactivity and efficiency when of sharing ideas, especially when collaborating on a project.
  4. Opening up a channel for direct customer feedback with facial emotion or viewing of a critical issue
  5. Corporate Journalism / Corporate Blogging

With regard to the latter, using a Flip camera (HD!) can faciliate the sharing of views from an ‘on the ground’ perspective, especially if content can be instantly uploaded to an Intranet.

For a more public view of image and video content with applications such as Twitpic and Qik for rapid uploading of video, Corporates have a great way of sharing recorded video content.

In summary, if corporations wish to be more open both internally and externally, then setting-up an intranet Video sharing site, extranet site for clients and also deploying an external YouTube channel to communicate success can help.