Business Mobile Apps create a client connection

Companies that adhere to their charter of service and provide customer guidance to improve their efficiency generate loyalty, trust and recommendations for new business. Its all about effective and relevant communication strategies and mobile apps provide the perfect platform to deliver such knowledge, transparency and insights.

The beauty of your own mobile app is that you are inside your clients pocket! You can offer company insights and suggest special offers.

Even if your company is not yet Blogging, is social (for example with Facebook) or developing unique video/audio content, it is not too late to set-up such channels and use our very customisable mobile app to rapidly get you online and globally be seen on a mobile device. Consider Mobile Presence as a mobile portal for your clients to:

  • Offer superior customer service.
  • Company insight
  • Special offers
  • Exhibit your showcase of capability.

All of the above can be achieved through our mobpresence product.
Its a social media portal that facilitates aggregation of all your social channel content.

Download an example from the i-tunes store and see a practical working example.