Review of MOBAD-MOBile ADvertising Server

Coupons and Vouchers are now gaining momentum as a great way of both business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-Consumer’s (B2C) saving money and getting access to exclusive offers. It promotes customer loyalty.

As a company your mobile presence will be enhanced with the power to create, advertise and manage your special offers.

We have 2 solutions. Firstly, either your own branded app with the addition of an offers tab that recieves online vouchers.

Or, by being part of our Vouchfone service. with Vouchfone Customers can easily locate offers and also have suggested to them multiple vouchers, packages and referrals.Referrals can include extended membership details and proposed related products and services. This latter system also uses geo-positional technology to either present (ping to you) or be driven by being aware of your location.

MOBAD is an optional unique and secure service that puts your business in the driving seat!

You are in complete control:

  • Set-up your own products, services and conditions
  • Schedule start and expiry times for offers
  • View on your own Mobile App, facilitating loyalty / follow-ship
  • Synchronise with other social networks

This add-on service is easy to use with three simple steps:

Step 1 – Sign-up to our minimum 1 year subscription to gain access to the Mobad service
Step 2 – Set-up your offer’s by entering details such as your Product/service details, schedule and a create unique voucher code.
Step 3 – Upload your mobile banner image (to our specification) and ‘hit’ SAVE.

That’s it!
Upon step 3, not only will your mobile App users will be able to view your offer codes you also have the option to post to other social networks.

Selling with mobad is a simple and dynamic way to do business in our fast moving and increasingly social world it creates / facilitates greater customer reach.

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