Mobile Business Apps – Case Studies

Imagine offering a mobile portal to your clients for your unique and value added content. Your on-the-move existing customers and potential new ones can then easily access, for example: your Blogs, Podcasts, videos, news, case studies, vouchers and   product/service information/updates. It is a great way to communicate your credibility and commitment to customer service. Let us consider some examples:

Distributor / Dealer network
Imagine you are a distributor of computer hardware. Consider the scale of product information you will have to communicate.
For example:

  • Product specifications and training guides
  • Case Studies and pricing scenarios
  • Video insights from the manufacturer
  • Product enhancements or addons
  • Industry development News for dealer

and probably most importantly, Special Offers or discount vouchers

You may already have this on paper or on your website.
You may rely on your dealers to view this information on their laptops.
However, with our easily customisable mobile App you can offer a rapid and efficient portal.

Let us consider another example, say a:

Restaurant / chain:
With your very own App you will have the ability to:

  • Show your YouTube videos, for example: Food preparation, client testimonials or Chef insights
  • The latest menus and opening hours
  • Special offer vouchers via our optional easy-to-use and manage Mobile Ads engine known as Mobad
  • View Feedback from social websites
  • View Twitter comments and follower trends
  • Post news, including nutrition tips and hints

Mobpresence enhances the ability of your business to inform your clients in a dynamic and personal manner.