KHL Interactive CEO gives Marketing Masterclass

Our CEO Dr Savi popped out of the office for a few hours to visit. St Marylebone C of E School, Marylebone High Street in London as he was asked by Westminister Council to give a Marketing Masterclass!

Westmister Council are an award winning organisation that leads the Westminster Education Business Partnership.

This was in preparation for the school’s enterprise project. The presentation was aimed to guide 13-14 year old students through different forms of marketing, looking at how times are changing from posters to shorter tv / virals ads. Dr Savi also covered the importance of blogging and how the world of webpresence is moving from Search Engine Optmisation to Social Media Optimisation. He outlined the the pros/cons.

Interestingly, a short survey with the students revealed that they (the students) had no objections for giving up personal information in exchange for say, a SMS text message leading them to a free cup of coffee!?

Dr Savi also worked with the audience to highlight what makes a good brand and the impact of managing multiple international social channels.

The session was attended by 40 students. Interestingly, a quick poll revealed that many used Facebook but only 6 used Twitter. Their use of the latter was to view links rather than use its trending features,

Previously, in February 2011 Dr Savi gave 6 lectures on Social Media in Business at Gray Coats School in Vaxhall again as part of the Westminster Education Business Partnership. During the  Q and A session, the attendees confirmed that the use of Facebook was high, yet the take-up and effective usage of Twitter was very low. For example, from 180 attendees only 4 stated that they were on  Twitter, quoting their main use was for following celebrity action.

Dr Savi has presented at BBC Radio 2 and various satellite channels.

The presentation can be viewed from here: