A guide to Social Networking for Realtors

In recent months we’ve worked closely with Matthew Swing & Partners a London based Realtor. They’re requirements was to understand how Social channels could help their business in terms of helping their clients get the right information about their prospective sales or rental.

Social networks can help in many ways, for example supporting marketing activities but also establishing discounts with local partners and early awareness of dynamic changes in the portfolio of available properties.

KHL Interactive developed a combined social and web strategy that also included mobile reach.

For example, their new website, disaster recovery, tablet, iPhone and Android Apps were all developed by our teams.
In addition, management of the site in terms of new information, Social media postings and moderation are all handled through our Client Support portal.

Their Apps from both the Android Market Place and Apple Apps store for free

There are 4 main reasons why Realtors / Estate Agents should consider the use of Social media:

  • Marketing to new clients & existing clients, for example using Twitter to communicate updates, industry news and maintenance needs / guidance for landlords.
  • Protecting & enhancing your brand, for example through dedicated Facebook and YouTube channels – showing greater insight
  • Testing out marketing ideas, for example using a blended approach : Manual, automated and one-step beyond traditional mailshots
  • Measuring the impact of your marketing, for example capturing feedback and focused efforts for specific sales or campaigns.

Interestingly, it December 2011 it was reported that only 26 percent of agents rank social media as an important source of business, according to a survey by Movoto.com. However, many agents are heavy users of social media. More than 90 percent of them reported having LinkedIn profiles, 45 percent said they’ve got Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and 52 percent reported having Google+ accounts. Read more: http://technorati.com/business/article/real-estate-agents-balk-at-social/#ixzz1ovsSbwvM

A combined approach of investing in your own website and using a wide range of online providers can drive up the cost of marketing. Its a necessary marketing requirement that needs to be balanced against client charges and commission.