Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing, a great way to engage with your audience
Our digital publishing services turn your existing magazine, brochure or catalogue, film footage, audio clips, podcasts, educational materials and virtual tours create into a page turning experience that will keep your audience engaged for longer. It has so many benefits for example:

If you have a brochure, catalogue or educational materials such as guidebooks for a course, digitizing your content opens up new channels for
communicating effectively, for example:

  • Instant viewing and browsing
  • Low production cost
  • Unlimited distribution – extended reach of your brand
  • No print or postage costs – Yes, a great green way of helping the environment
  • Quick, easy production
  • Track & analyse reader usage
  • Functionality of a website, i.e: easy of access.
  • In addition to the latter, content displayed at the touch of a button be translated into a text version, assuring accessibility. For example, to products such as Browsealoud and Jaws.

Who uses digital editions?.

  • Retail & Consumer – Shops and catalogue based vendore
  • E Commerce services – Getting customers closer to product views and purchase options
  • Mail Order examples
  • Business Training

If you are a business that regularly communicates through html newsletters, digital editions can help you provide further insight and views, for example: house listings and their respective internals – especially with the use of embedded view.

The key features of Digital publications are the end deliverable is:

  • Indexed by Google – PDF cannot be indexed but your publication can
  • Web-ready for ppportunities to share your content through – Digg and Social Bookmarking sites
  • In an easy to view page turning format – Read it just like a magazine
  • Able to take advantage of high Definition Images – Enjoy multiple views of products and include client video testimonial
  • Easier for the viewer to enjoy infinite zoom & manoeuvre – Get closer!
  • Totally branded for your site, for example using your URLs and Start-up logos.
  • Able to integrate Flash Animation – Include different dimensions
  • Ready to play Video Streams – Either from YouTube or from your own server
  • Instantly accessibly via embedded URL Weblinks – Include links within your publication
  • Integrated with live E-mail Links – Provide communication opportunities
  • Bookmark ready for save and read later functions
  • Just like a highlighter for example, using Post-it Notes – Write notes on route
  • Structured well for your content with indexes
  • Able to provide a one Page View – Flexible views
  • Enabled for contextual Search
  • Easy to send to a Friend – Communicate great content
  • Able to be saved and read Off-line Version
  • Locally saved and accessible vua your own CD & USB.
  • Ready for Subscription models & Data Capture Email
  • Easily set-up for DRM password protection

In summary, Digital publications offer greater reach for your services and products, totally branded for your organisation.
It faciliates greater interaction with your audience, in the most professional and easy to view manner.

See our examples below:

Example 1: Company Brochure
Example 2: Council Magazine

Prices start from £8 per page (inclusive of hosting and production)
We also offer a self-publishing model.

Digital Publishing for the ipad

With our partners we offer digital publication services for both the i-pad and i-phone.

How does it work?

Initially, you have to establish a branded application known as an ‘app’ for your title. 

The following video shows you a typical example of how it would work and navigation


For example, if you had a magazine called, ‘careers today’, this would be defined as the title and it would house all your publications. Every time you publish your digital edition, you can also self publish your iPad/ iPhone editions to your title’s App (or we can do this for you).

Readers with iphone or iPads are notified when each new publication is available – either to buy or for free, depending on the model you choose. One model is to charge for each issue.

What are the features of an i-pad publication?

There are a number of benefits, for example:

  • Branding – Apps can be branded to your requirement, including your own welcome page.
  • Readers can enjoy razor sharp text at high zoom levels. with high quality graphics and photos.
  • Video are easily inserted and triggered from the page as well as media browser.
  • ‘Live’ web and email links, and additional audio links can be inserted within the publication
  • Different viewing options are also available, for example: single page, double page and text only.
  • Text view and editing is available for easier reading of text heavy publications.
  • Exportable viewing statistics and data collection as permitted by Apple can be made available. NB When selling a publication you will need to remember that Apple retain 65% of the revenue.
  • In addition, to the latter, cut and paste tools allow adding to notes and email.
  • Users can zoom in our out using either pinch gestures or double tap together with page turning using swipe movement or tap at the side of the page.

How much will it cost to convert my content ?

Typical costs per title would consist of the following elements:

i-pad Application development for your title £ POA
Publication cost (each edition) £  POA
Annual Software upgrade for your application £  POA
Video Hosting £  POA

NB The costs provided are approximations please contact us to discuss options and a refinement for your solution.
Discounts are also available depending on how many titles you would like to make available.

The ipad provides great opportunities for new content distribution models together an amazing interactive experience.