Digital Publishing FAQs

Digital Publishing Q1: What is Digital Publishing and what can it do for my business / organisation?

A: Digital editions gives you the power to enhance your reading experience with rich media.  For example, video, audio, hyperlinks, hotspots and advertisements. As the world becomes more social, your digital publications makes it easier for you to share content and join in with the latest happenings through on-line conversations.

A digital edition can transform and complement your printed magazine into an interactive, multimedia platform and truly engaging experience.

Digital Publishing Q2: Why should we use you to convert out publications on-line & use your services?
Our service includes, a free preview conversion of your existing printed publication (.pdf to on-line) with up to 60 views. In addition, we suggest insertion of content material like video and audio to maximise the possibilities! We are expert and project managing the production process with best practice advice on-route to your final and ongoing on-line publications. We are also able to offer exclusive rates for your publication / offering, for example; Pay-as-you-go or bulk purchasing of on-line pages (please see our Rate Card for typical pricing).


Digital Publishing Q3: What about Accessibility ?
Whilst reading / browsing you can email, make notes and bookmark in both FLASH format or optional html – The latter means that leading web readers such as Browseloud and Jaws can read the content presented.


Digital Publishing Q4: How resilient is your platform ?
A: Our hosted servers are provided on a global load-balanced and regional platform. The hosting organisation are leaders and specialists in on-line digital printing.


Digital Publishing Q5: Tell me about some of the main features of your Digital Platform ?
A: The following list is a summary of features available from our publishing platform.


With our service you can:

  • Complement your existing publication with rich & exclusive interactive content
  • Drive more visitors to your website and enhance your brand
  • Read online or download for later viewing
  • Point your URL/Domain to publication to assure your branding is in tact.
  • Gain Revenue opportunities with online advertisements
  • Improve communication with your readers
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Analysis online traffic and optionally collect email addresses from readers
  • Provide great cross-referencing, archiving and access to previous content
  • Full accessibility for differently-abled people
  • Make Notes, send email and bookmark as you read and browse
  • Incorporate great video and audio content – Entertain your readers!
  • Monetise your subscriptions

Web Q1: I could develop my own site using a variety of menu driven tools and transferring files to a server. Tell me about what you offer that is different?
Firstly you are right, there are lots of commercial tools or software that you can buy to develop your own website and today Internet Service Providers also provide menu driven and template (standardized) layouts for a website. We suggest that before parting with any money you consider what you want the website to do. If what you have in mind for your website is for it to ‘act’ as the cornerstone / driver of information updates, you will need to consider a database approach to facilitate dynamic and remote updates, i.e: managing your content through what is called a Content Management System (CMS).


Web Q2: Tell me more about the advantages of a content management system ?
A: The most obvious reason is that your website will be easier to keep up to date. Dependant upon the type of update, for example: new image or changing text, adding new content will not involve the complete overhaul of a site. Websites also work well when the content is kept fresh and you deploy ‘feeds’ (information about what is changing on your site). Your site can also benefit from search engine friendly page names, eventually helping you rise amongst searches for your product, services or personal profile (inc: ranking amongst other competitors).


Web Q3: What kind of functions can you offer with a good CMS?
There are hundreds of free modules available that plug into existing content management systems adding complex programming features. Some of the modules available include:


  • Site search
  • Polls
  • Password secured content
  • Email newsletters
  • Blogs and Wikis
  • eCommerce integration
  • Discussion forums
  • Photo galleries .

Not only can you add new pages easily, but new categories can be added and the site navigation will expand gracefully to match.

Web Q4 When developing the site will there be any issues about cross-browser incompatibility ?
If you are asking about compliance and accessibility, our websites can be either fully FLASH (graphical), flat (text orientated) or better still, offer options for different types of users when they enter the site.


Web Q5: How do you assure the text and images will be right for the website we commission.
We respect copyright laws and source images from on-line libraries signing required usage policies. We work with independent copywriters if you would like your website text to be checked or refined.