Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development
The i-Phone is now an amazing client value-added business tool and has certainly assisted in encouraging a mobile application market for everyday or commercial use. In the context of Enterprise solutions, for example, an organisation’s staff, suppliers and/or distributors and manufacturers can stay in touch and get closer to clients. Mobile Apps  have the ability to feedback essential information to your back-office or simply encourage a showcase of your products and services.

Other examples of Mobile Enterprise applications include:

  • Sales commission plan tracking
    – Keeping a sales channel motivated and aware of new offers
  • Customer feedback
    – How many times is the phone engaged once you’ve purchased a product / service and you really need immediate attention!
  • Enabling Product or Service sales
    – Showcasing key functionality and closer views, pre-purchase or even facilitating comparisons
  • Downloading and playback of training videos, e.g Procedures
    – Gaining access to knowledge on the move.
  • Tracking application or Project development
    – Keeping in touch with project teams during testing is essential to ensure a reliable outcome.
  • Demonstration of Products and Case studies
    – Improve your showcase with rich content such as video and links to existing content sites such as YouTube.

The same application can be made available on an iPad, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile devices. Therefore, widening your client reach and access to key influencing information.

Our services includes the development of mobile  portals to your New and Social Media sites.

Please Contact us today so that we can work with you to prototype what is possible and the project process for getting a great app off the ground to showcase, generate sales or supporting your current business services.