Since 2001 KHL Interactive have been supplying multimedia services for International clients.

The New frontier in Information Technology is Mobile !
The pace of life is fast and our demands for instant information is our way of saving time!
We want to be able to connect, be informed and also take advantage of value for money.
That is because we all work hard and want the best for our families and those around us.

If you are a company that has something to communicate, for example: Offers, Client service updates, Enterprise information or the latest news in your market the demand from your clients is that they want it NOW!

Increasingly as the smart phone revolution continues you will need to exhibit and provide a mobile portal to your clients and suppliers. This can either be through a mobile phone application, known as an App or through the ever increasingly popular tablet / slate type devices.

MobPresence is the Answer:
Our App can be customised to exhibit your video, audio, text and image content, helping to facilitating immediate immediate customer reach. Its a mobile portal to the soul of your company.

Imagine the possibilities. You manage your content on your YouTube channel, release the latest news and offers and your website, blog about your companies human insights and we our application brings it into the global mobile space.

With MobPresence your business can be on the global mobile map, communicating and standing tall amongst your competitors and giving your clients greater confidence and communication about your product, service and market insights.

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