Mobpresence Rate Card

Costs for Mobpresence start from as little as £999:

Services / Functions Classic Premium
Platform : iphone (IOS4) / Android Y Y
Pricing (NB MOBPRESENCE Terms Apply) £999 £POA
Youtube Yes Yes
RSS feeds and/or Your Blogs Yes Yes
Welcome page with your logo Yes Yes
Twitter view Yes Yes
Podcast (audio) Yes Yes
Email feedback Yes Yes
Maintenance update (1 year) Yes Yes
IAD (optional) or Select from our Ad server (mobad) (optional £259/yr) Yes
Play Video (client supplies location) Optional £ Yes
Posts (CMS dependant) Optional £ Yes
Facebook Optional £ Yes
Statistics on sales Yes Yes
5 minute promotional video Optional £ Yes
Web specific content Optional £ Yes
Remote login Optional £ Yes
Playlist Optional £ Yes
Option Advsver (mob-ad) Yearly Subscription (min 1 yr) £189 £POA
Additional services
We Moderate your social network £1.5K per year
Video Tutorials £350 each
Short Promotional Videos (typically 30s to 1min) £350/day)
Build a branded news feed on your industry £199
i-pad version POA
Typical Maintenance (per year) Typical 20% of total
Price on Application POA (contact us)
All prices exclude Value Added Tax VAT