Imagine your potenial customer is out and about. It is late and he / she ‘fancies’ a snack in a hurry! Or, one of your vital home appliances or services has developed a fault. For example, the timer that controls your heating system or a pipe has become blocked. If they have associated insurance this may help.
However, for adhoc advice, immediate service or the need for an estimate you will probably head for a directory or call someone who has recommended a service.

With our intutive categories, customers are rapidly presented with a map showing the top 20 matched choices within a 4KM range, including great money saving offers via exclusively negotiated vouchers. These vouchers are immediately redemable and can be set-up for a set period.

Our service is exclusively available on Mobiles. There is no need for customers to register, ‘check-in’ or  impart personal information to redeem and enjoy. Our service also offers membership extensions, special rate referral and optional ethical vouchers.

Vouchers with a Difference

Vouchfone is not just a directory. Vouchfone is unique as it based on the premise of freedom of choice, flexibility and it  is exclusively mobile.
Customers can easily locate offers and also have suggested to them multiple vouchers, packages and referrals.Referrals can include extended membership details and proposed related products and services.

Customers can also gain a greater insight into the company they are trading with, for example, if a business has a blog, they can view and learn more about how a product or service is made or maintained.

Vouchfone is the perfect platform to exhibit corporate culture, greater product and service confidence. It supports the desire to build on a relationship and encourage customer loyalty. Redemption is quick, in confidence and with no registration or surrender of personal information or stored data.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about posting your business and associated vouchers on our Vouchfone mobile App. Join the many businesses that are realising the benefits of instant information and the value of a loyal customer.

In terms of cost.

£20 per year to place 1 offer per month
£35 per year to place 2 offers per month
£100 per year for unlimited placements (NB reasonable use policy applies)

You can read about the terms of use of presented vouchers here.

Alternatively, you can also set-up a dedicated branded App through our Mobpresence service. This is ideal for a business club or network. Using this branded portal is another way to communicate multiple-offers but only for a targeted group. This is available from our Mobpresence service. Like the Vouchfone App the consumer is presented with a list of all available offers together with the company’s social content, for example the company blog, YouTube channel, news and website updates. We believe that it yields greater loyalty. Consider it as a mobile business portal.

Learn more from our dedicated site: http://www.vouchfone.com