The growth of Ping Vouchers

An interesting article in the Daily Mail, entitled: Starbucks to bombard people with money-off vouchers direct to their phones when they pass coffee shops suggests that over a million people have signed up… Continue reading

Mobile Business Apps – Case Studies

Imagine offering a mobile portal to your clients for your unique and value added content. Your on-the-move existing customers and potential new ones can then easily access, for example: your Blogs, Podcasts, videos,… Continue reading

New Pricing for our Mobile Social Media portal

The pace of life is fast and our demands for instant information is our way of saving time! We want to be able to connect, be informed and also take advantage of value… Continue reading

Review of MOBAD-MOBile ADvertising Server

Coupons and Vouchers are now gaining momentum as a great way of both business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-Consumer’s (B2C) saving money and getting access to exclusive offers. It promotes customer loyalty. As a company… Continue reading

Business Mobile Apps create a client connection

Companies that adhere to their charter of service and provide customer guidance to improve their efficiency generate loyalty, trust and recommendations for new business. Its all about effective and relevant communication strategies and… Continue reading

Can Video Blogging help a business?

Certainly, the proliferation of Youtube type clones has started. Some offer great additional features, for example – tagging at specific points. The list of sites below shows you how many different (think longtail!)… Continue reading

Improve your website with engaging Video

Web sites have always been a fluid medium, ever changing and constantly evolving. Everything encompassing the Internet is always on the move and everyone wants to know, what is next? Recent studies from… Continue reading

Useful Tips for Corporate Video Ads

Compared to text or imagery, video commercial ads always attract Internet users. A compelling and humorous visual ad guarantees thousand views within minutes. The internet is a hub for on-line ads because promotion… Continue reading

Business Podcasting Best Practice

We believe that Podcasting is a great tool for business. Imagine meeting updates, project highlights and the sharing of best practice in say just a ten minute cast. Professionally produced podcasts can be great for a company brand especially when combined as part of a corporate blog or a business

Screencasts & Content for Social Media

KHL Interactive have just delivered Screencasts & New Media Content to the UK’s leading provider of professional ecommerce and shopping cart software solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The conference focused on… Continue reading