iPad Business Applications

We wondered about how an i-pad could help a business. Here are some suggestions on how a business can gain a competitive advantage simply by using such devices to facilitate  the collecting of… Continue reading

White Paper – Social Media for business

Is Social Media worth it and how can popular social media channels be used to drive new business opportunities?  This whitepaper provides practical tips for companies. Download the paper for free from the… Continue reading

Launch KHL Interactive News iPhone App

Recently KHL Interactive rebranded its services to focus on 3 major services. New and Social Media and its associated content, for example, Video and Audio Production services. The company has also launched a New Media news channel to communicate best practice.

Combining Web and Mobile Solutions

Increasingly companies are viewing the importance of opening their regular website content to a more mobile devices. Recently KHL Interactive won the opportunity to work on the new Web and mobile portal for… Continue reading

Recycling Videos developed

KHL Interactive has developed Recycling videos for both Flat and Houses for a leading London Council.
The videos are to be used on the council’s website.

There are a number of aspects to consider, for example: access points, for example: social channel outlets and everyday web access and accessibility options.
As a Screencast each video can be viewed with both Picture-in-Picture video and images / presentation slides running in parallel.

Launch Mobile Business Portals Service

The pace of life is fast and our demands for instant information is our way of saving time!

Watermans Art Centre Digital Content

When a leading London Art centre, Watermans needed to promote their monthly schedule of films, plays and art exhibitions, they choose khlinteractive to

Benefits of Digital Publications

If you have a brochure, catalogue or educational materials such as guidebooks for a course, digitizing your content opens up new channels for communicating effectively, for example:

ipad publishing service

KHLinteractive offer digital publication services for both the i-pad and i-phone. How does it work? Initially, you have to establish a branded application known as an ‘app’ for your title. For example, if… Continue reading

Digital Publication Service

Today KHL Interactive, the trading name for Knowledge Hemispheres announced a new offering: Digital Publication services. Digital editions gives you the power to enhance your reading experience with rich media.  For example, video,… Continue reading