KHL Interactive Digital Brochure

As the world moves closer to e-publications or digital publication becoming a reality. We have also converted our brochures to an on-line digital version. There are a number of ways of doing this.… Continue reading

Can Gamers change the world?

Jane McGonigal a noted game designer and games researcher, certainly does. She specializes in pervasive gaming and alternate reality games. In recent years, McGonigal has grown especially interested in the way that massively multiplayer online gaming generates collective intelligence, and interested in the way that the collective intelligences thus generated can be utilized as a […]

Top 7 reasons for business podcasting

A Business Podcast is an ideal aid to corporate communications. With a podcast, clients can actually ‘stream’ audio and let it play while they are doing other tasks at their computer, especially as… Continue reading

Web Video Production Tips

Lets  take a look at the components to make video a success for your business. In terms of basics your video should have:

Screencast your next conference

Video Screencasting is a great way to communicate your post conference knowledge. The picture shows a typical view of what can be made available to delegates after an event. For example, your company… Continue reading

Top 20 Corporate Podcasting Tips

Here are 20 tips to help you develop a great Corporate Podcast:

White Paper – Using New Media for Business

New and Social media has lots of potential. For example, from a corporate perspective, if investment Social networks and associated new media based content could help reduce organisation duplication, complex reporting structures and… Continue reading

Connecting for Health e-Learning

The NHS Data Model and Dictionary provides a reference point for assured information standards to support health care activities within the NHS in England. Together we developed an engaging e-learning SCORM 1.2 compliant digital content.

Web Development Case Study – SACA

In 1989 a group of 14 aspiring youths decided to establish a challenge that could help both local and national children’s charities. They considered a number of sporting events that would test both… Continue reading

e-Learning Case Study – ITQ

ITQ is the National Vocational Qualification for IT Users which demonstrates staff competence in the use of IT in the workplace. We delivered both the e-Learning content and all associated voice overs for… Continue reading