Multimedia Production

As brands get more creative with online video offerings, and innovative by promoting them through social media and other outlets, carefully placed short adverts often preceed the actual intended content, for example a movie or viral shared item. This is known as a pre-roll. Research from a MediaPost article proposed that viewers have watched 800 Million branded videos since 2011.

(Source: Social Video Works: Viewers Watched 800 Million Branded Videos In 2011
©2008-2011 ReelSEO Video Marketing)

It ‘appears’ (!) that popular videos are short, enjoyable, engaging, viewable and shareable.

This means that with the right creative input and messaging, great content can provide opportunities to improve both one’s online presence but also enforce product or service communication.

At KHL Interactive, we develop interesting content that facilitates a ‘call to action’ or a desire to ‘act’ on the knowledge attained. Video content projects that we continue to work on include:

  • Public information films
  • e-Learning content
  • Adverts
  • Video Podcast
  • Audio Podcast
  • Professional Voice-over
  • Commissioned promotional material and
  • Screencasts
  • Conference events

Content can then reused, online, socially and viewable on the move, say from your cell/mobile phone, for example on your YouTube channel, your own branded mobile App, a Video Podcast, Audio Podcast or streamed to a private audience. That is why we call our service Mobile Production, as once we’ve developed great video or audio content we can make it accessible through both  traditional routes or while you and your intended audience are on the move!

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