Audio Production

The power of sound can bring key messages into focus and context. Just as a picture tells a thousand words, a sentence constructed with passion can really motivate and make an impact, for example, to a team or customer communication. Please Download our Audio Services Brochure

Just consider the possibilities!

  • Convert your online ePublication to an audio podcast /
    insert classifieds/advertisements, a great way to
    enhance revenue streams
  • Display images inline with your audio and also inform customers of great offers
  • Inform cinema or show attendees of great offers or access to exclusive content
  • Use as a great internal communication mechanism for dealer product updates,
    featured clients and company annoucements
  • Get closer to your business leaders by communicating their personal messages of hope, motivation and success.

We offer recording, editing, production and packaging of your audio content. We also offer the option of off-site recording which is provided by hiring our digital recording equipment and audio technician.

Knowledge Hemispheres have crafted two core Audio services:

Audio for Web & Marketing

We offer voice-over services that are ideal for podcasting, advertising, online learning modules and corporate films. Perhaps you would like to add an embedded audio file into your web page, or add sound to an advertising project. Recording facilities are available from our Studio or we can come to you with our portable digital recorders or mini-studio. Multi-lingual voiceover is also available for Portuguese, German, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Arabic. We also offer audio mixing skills if you have existing audio you would like enhanced.

Listen to some of our voice-over samples below:

Play Audio sample for medical skills transfer: Play Audio sample for e-Learning:
Play Audio sample for a Corporate Podcast: Play Audio sample for Corporate Induction:

Audio Podcast
Podcasting is a combination of the words “iPod” and “broadcasting” (but it doesn’t actually require an iPod to hear). In fact, you can hear it on your computer, on some mobile phones and on any mp3 player. Consider it as a free subscription to a specialty audio magazine. We now need to realize that we are in the attention economy!

In the busy world we live in it is getting harder for business to ensure its messages are heard. Modern consumers, especially the young, have become adept at filtering out advertising, making traditional methods less and less effective. The advantage of a podcast is it can be listened to however the user likes. We can help you develop an engaging and regular communication, combining them with your corporate blogs or customer communication strategy.

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