Audio FAQs

Q1: I would like to do on-site audio recording is it possible to use my equipment for recording and your editing expertise? And will I be charged the same, or will the price be reduced.

A: The rate card does offer a pure editing service which is less than an inclusive package. The rate is charged on an hourly basis. NB We cannot guarantee the quality of your recording but will try our best to reduce any inherited sound.

Q2: How will the finished audio product be delivered to me on completion? Is it possible for the final product to be converted onto a CD.

A: A number of formats are available. Typically .wav and .mp3 are provided. In the case of the latter, we also apply ID3 tags to ensure that Meta data (information about data) will be both resident in the file structure and for copyright information purposes.

CD releases in CD-R or .MP3 format can be provided. We will keep all masters for additional back-up and archiving purposes.

Q3: If the audio content is provided by my company, can audio voice-over be translated into different languages.

A: Yes, we offer both a transcription service and translation service, for example: Hindi, Urdu, English, Portuguese, French and many other languages – regional accents are respected and therefore, we showcase a number of options before you finalise.

Q4: I would like an audio message to be posted on my webpage. Do you provide the audio plug-ins as well for the audio to be uploaded on the site.

A: We work with Open source web solutions but also have a dedicated web team. Therefore, we can advise and source plug-ins for playing, for example an audio segment. For example, Joomla and WordPress are two open source content management engines for web and blogging sites, respectively. We have delivered a number of projects where seamless playing of client generated content has been integrated using reliable (secure) and supportable plug-ins.

Are there a special types of equipment your technician uses for recording and editing. Would I need to provide any minor equipment for quality recording.

A: You can select an in-studio service (you come to us) or a remote option (equipment with or without a recording technician). If we visit you for a recording we will typically bring along our portable studio with powered microphones.