Video Production

Video has become an effective medium for the 21st century. Due to proliferation of high speed Internet services that support both home and mobile working, it is now pervasive in many organizations. Video plays an integral part of organizations today and has the potential to rapidly impart information, for example, key corporate messages, learning objectives, skills transfer, brand awareness or simply sharing fun! All of these activities can be achieved using effective scripts, camera techniques, high quality images and adherence to both copyright principles and ensuring consent.

Knowledge Hemispheres have crafted two core Video services that enable you to easily develop and distribute video content to attain a business advantage. 

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The following showreel, to your right shows examples of some of our recent corporate films.


Video for Web & Marketing
Solutions delivered include: Corporate Videos, Podcasts, Web based advertising banners, e-Learning and sharing video presentations online through screencasts. We work with our clients to produce professional videos that can be distributed online either publicly or reside on private corporate networks (Intranets).


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Video Podcast & Screencasts
Video Podcasts enable organizations to distribute and cascade information in a timely manner. Episodes can be developed on themes, for example: Induction, corporate procedures, emergency drills and updates on company strategy.


As we all consider the importance of being more environmentally friendly, not everyone can attend business summits or presentations. WebEx and Web-conferencing are ideal but they are realtime, i.e.: once the conference is over, it’s over! With our Screencast service we can post deliver the content via the web, a video of the presenter and the presentation materials that can be downloadable to your computer, iPod or mobile phone.

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