Event Screencasting

Video Screencasting is a great way to communicate your post conference knowledge.
The picture shows a typical view of what can be made available to delegates after an event.

For example, your company may hold a quarterly meeting. It could be a sales (dealer update) event or your Consultancy practice meets on a regular basis to share best practice.

Often many of these events are sponsored by external firms with guest speakers delivering new expertise or insights. Although these events can be streamed live, it is difficult to structure a meaningful package for later viewing. What we mean by this is, for example:

  • You stream the event
  • The event is recorded
  • Presentation materials such as powerpoint or video is included as part of the presentation
  • A Question and Answer session is included
  • The session has a number of breaks and could last for half a day.

The Problem:

  • A summary of the event is needed
  • Q & A’s need to be summarised
  • Some elements of the event are not required, for example: Change-over of speakers or random discussions
  • It would be great to download and watch the event later to refresh attendee knowledge together with keeping a professionally available version of the event.
  • There is a need to ensure the next event is a progression or can reference what took place
  • Non-attendees would be sad if they missed it. Or, if due to busy schedules delegates could not attend, the video screencast represents a willingness to ensure that all employees are included and key aspects of knowledge is communicated.
  • Specific knowledge highlights / points can be emphasised.

This is where a Screencast can help.

  1. A four hour presentation can be summarised and presented for both later streaming or downloading to your ipod.
  2. The following files can be provided for download mp3, movie (mp4/mov), ppt and related documents
  3. Both a video of the presenter and his/her associated slides can be synchronised and shown.

A time-line slider and bookmarker cross-referenced to the associated video and slide is made available.

Typically, a four hour event can take 2 days to turn into a professional 1 hour screencast available within days of the event.

In terms of advantages for the client, the solution delivered content that respected both the present economy we live in and saving the planet in terms of travel. In addition, information was archived and released as a series of podcasts and blogs.

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