Video FAQs

Q: It is great that you produce videos. We could do the same at our home or office. What is different about your service?
Yes, you are correct, you too could do a lot of the video production process yourself. Increasingly exciting new products and software is available.

The difference with us is that we know that in order to deliver an even more professional finish you have to consider the following: Techniques to engage the viewer, message construction and scripting, use of consist images together with advice on brand impact, rapid editing techniques with professional level tools and using high quality equipment. Combine the latter with our skills with social media and multiple formats for online access, for example, podcasting, dedicated website hosting, effective streaming techniques and website integration, we are confident that your viewers / potential clients will be impressed and you will save time too and cost too. We believe our rates are competitive with the bonus of giving advice on route to your final version.

Q: What is your project process for developing Videos online?
Good question as preparation is key before pressing/hitting the record button. Our project process for video production incorporates logistical and directional planning. We explore the message behind the movie and work with our clients to recommend the best impact, typically invoking content piloting and previews.

From an online perspective, in the attention economy website visitors will ‘bounce off’ sites within seconds unless the video production is inclusive and inspiring.

Q: Is there a ratio you use for recording time to reaching the end product?
What you are referring to really is about how dynamic and flexible are we from the time of recording to reaching the final version. Many companies suggest a 1:5 ration, i.e: for every hour of recorded footage it will take approximately 5 times the recording time for editing.

However, for very short video promos, for example 1 minute, this does not imply simply 5minutes of editing! Editing is just one element of the production process. Effective editing can consist of many video clips transitioned with suitable titles and appropriate animation.

The project must be considered from the context of understanding practical / logistical boundaries and procedural elements, for example use of location and consent.

Q: What is different about online video production.
Common elements for both on-line and off-line video production are planning, editing, previewing, refining and finalizing.

Specifically for online production we have to consider areas such as web positioning, play-ability (appropriate size for playback device), output format and bandwidth usage (especially if the video will be offered as a downloadable items, also known as a Video asset). Together we plan these items to assure an effective video is produced. We also recommend ways in which the video asset can be re-used and replenished to keep the message fresh, for example, adapting as a brand change.